Pointe Claire, QC

Junior Campus Governing Board

Members 2018-2019

Parent Representatives

Staff Representatives

Carla Da Silva

Nadine Emond

Angela Kovalak

Ruta Krauza

Phil Lambert

Michèle Larin / Monique Shannon

Nadia Lawand

Martine Létourneau

Naomi Proctor

Marie-José Royal

P. Delage



  • Judy Kelley (Commissioner) 



Term of office:

  • Parent representatives - 2 years

  • Other representatives - 1 year

  • Chair - 1 year (must be a parent)


Agendas & Minutes 2017-2018

  Date    Minutes  
  January 31, 2018  
  December 13, 2017  
  October 4, 2017  
  September 6, 2017
Annual General Meeting



  Annual Report 2015-2016
  Region 3 Parents' Committee Representative Annual Report 2015-2016
    Special Needs Advisory Committee Annual Report 2015-2016



Governing Board Functions & Responsibilities

The Governing Board is an important way to participate in the decision making consultative process for the school and the students. It is composed of parents, teachers, school support staff, and community representatives.

  1. The Governing Board in collaboration with all parties concerned, adopts, implements and evaluates the school's Educational Project. The Educational Project must comply with the province-wide framework defined by the Education Act, the basic school regulations and Quebec Education Program of Studies.

  2. The Governing Board approves the proposals of the principal for the implementation of the basic school regulations, program of studies, student services and student supervision policy.

  3. The Governing Board advises the school board on matters that are likely to facilitate the operation of the school and improve the organization of service provided by the Governing Board.

  4. The Governing Board shall seek the collaboration of persons having an interest in the school.

  5. The Governing Board shall encourage the communication of information dialogue and concerted action among students, parents, the principal, teachers and other staff members and community representatives.

  6. Any decision by the governing board is made in the best interests of the students.


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