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Ms Sandi Hammock


Daycare and Lunch Program

St. John Fisher Junior Daycare Program operates before school, at lunchtime, and after school.  

Please see our brochure for more detailed information on our Daycare and Lunch program.

Daycare will be open on Pedagogical Days for those children who normally attend Daycare if the number of students warrants it. 

Students are expected to act in accordance with the same rules of safety and conduct as during regular school time. If a student does not abide by the rules the school reserves the right to suspend the child from the lunch program.

In order to make the school as safe as possible for all children eating here we ask that parents refrain from sending peanut butter or peanut products to school. There are an abundance of peanut free products available.

Ms Sandi Hammock is in charge of the Daycare Program; inquiries should be directed to her at 514-694-7144.


Notices & Information for Parents 


2022-2023 Daycare & Lunch Program Rules and Regulations REV 08/19/22


Letter to Parents/Guardians - New Daycare Fee Structure
dated August 17, 2022


Online Payment for Lunch and Daycare Fees


Daily Daycare Schedule





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