Pointe Claire, QC


Early Immersion

At the Kindergarten, and Cycle I levels, French is the language of instruction for approximately 85% of the day. English Language Enhancement, Physical Education and Music are taught in English.

At Cycle II and Cycle III, English is the language of instruction for approximately 57% of the day. The subjects taught in English are: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education and Ethics and Religious Culture (ERC). The French component is made up of Sciences, Social Studies, Fine Arts and French Language Arts (approximately 43% of the program).



Core Curriculum

  • French Language Arts at the kindergarten level emphasizes the awareness of the sounds in speech and language in order to support reading achievement in Cycle I Year One. Logic Math is used at the kindergarten level to develop thinking skills.

  • English Language Arts Enhancement is a recent addition to the Cycle I program. The aim of this program is to have the children become familiar with quality English literature and to help in the development of a love of reading.

  • The French curriculum is taught through the En tête program, adapted to the second-language environment.

  • Mathematics is taught through Interactions, a program based on problem-solving, at the Cycle I through Cycle III levels.

  • English Language Arts at the Cycle II and Cycle III levels focuses on reading comprehension and writing.



Computer Education

Students experience learning through the use of computers. For Kindergarten, specially selected software is used in the classroom and the computer pod.

A new program is being introduced to all our Cycle 2 and 3 students called “Media, Technology and Digital Citizenship".

The primary purpose of the St. John Fisher Senior’s new Media, Technology and Digital Citizenship program is to address the ever-changing and growing needs of our 21st century learners by providing a program that highlights the importance of digital citizenship, media literacy and a sound set of technology skills. Through the implementation of the following program objectives, our vision is:

  1. To foster a positive attitude towards the use of technology in a manner that supports learning, creativity, collaboration, productivity and critical thinking.

  2. To address the importance of responsible, appropriate and safe use of technology and information through the implementation of the LBPSB’s Digital Citizenship curriculum and Educational Technology Plan objectives.

  3. To provide students with the opportunity to learn, practice and apply useful technological skills through the exposure to a variety of software, Web 2.0 tools, devices and platforms (Mac and PC).

  4. To ease the transition of our students into their high school careers by exposing them to a variety of technology uses available in education.



Children with Special Needs

Not all children can follow the curriculum as prescribed. We sometimes adapt the work, expectations and evaluation to ensure students with special needs experience as much success as possible within the framework of an Early Immersion Program.

The Professional Support Team assists the teachers and administration in the planning and implementation of these adapted programs. Each special needs student has an Individualized Education Plan.



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